The Power of Two

September 7, 2017


Differentiating yourself in the marketplace can be as easy as listening to other’s opinions. Information is power, and to effectuate real outcomes, it behooves you to start listening and brainstorming with others. As such, we introduce the POWER OF TWO.


You won’t always know how to answer a question, how to resolve an issue or how to manage a day-to-day operational hazard, i.e. quickbooks isn’t syncing with your credit card accounts. The ability to speak to someone who is like-minded, but possesses a different skill set could set your business up for success.  


Are a sole proprietor? Brainstorm with trusted colleagues weekly, and finally have a legitimate excuse to hangout with the girls or the boys.  


The short of it is, to be successful in business you are going to have to get used to being uncomfortable. Comfort creates dependency on losing business models, so snap out of bad habits.    


The power of two can get you there.


Stay on your Daily.



As a comprehensive consulting firm focused on business development, SOYD is committed to providing the necessary platforms and deliverables for your business. SOYD has a proven track record of growing businesses, formalizing deliverables, educating business owners on day-to-day management and strategy and created the avenues for true success. 


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