Humility Is The New Cool

September 21, 2017


Humility is no longer praised in our society. We laud winners, and seemingly only our children are given medals for last place finishes. As such, we have become enamored with dueling with one another. Yet, good business practices have always been about creating substantive partnerships that are the aegis to success.


If only we were so lucky.


Redefining the landscape starts with YOU. Hard work has become a misnomer for cutting corners, getting over on your fellow man/woman and overall being an ironic “sitcom styled” comedian in the workplace. For it is far easier to join the group that believes in power by numbers and mediocre deliverables than working hard with a few, purpose driven individuals.


Stop the bull, and roll up your sleeves. Purpose will always guide your decisions in the right direction, while chasing the easy way out is the fastest way to have a short shelf life.


Humility is the new Cool.


Stay on your Daily.


As a comprehensive consulting firm focused on business development, SOYD is committed to providing the necessary platforms and deliverables for your business. SOYD has a proven track record of growing businesses, formalizing deliverables, educating business owners on day-to-day management and strategy and created the avenues for true success. 


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