Too Smart To Be Practical

September 28, 2017


Standing in front of a blank canvas with one streak of blue running horizontally on the canvas, I smirk at the convoluted explanation presented.  Adjectives describing other adjectives, overarching thematic principles that are a rouse for platitudes. You are overwhelmed, intrigued, you want to get it because you don’t want to be the only person in the room that thinks to themselves, this is a load of crap.  


Yet, here we are; all of us, guilty of it.


In our longing for acceptance (and grant funding) we splurge on the conniptions of verbose dialogues.  We hurl the word obfuscation into the fray instead of saying confused, we supply flowcharts beaming with alternative scenarios and quantum physics when a simple yes or no would have sufficed, or we chastise others that come off as novitiates for asking a question.  


Better business practices are to make your service or product digestible for everyone to consume.  It is the description of services made available to all that creates the foundation for growth.


Be concise, be clear and by all that is good, stop trying so damn hard.


Simple is Hard.     


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