Leaders Are Decision Makers

October 12, 2017


Leaders are decision makers, but don't make rash decisions.  Making the right decisions means analyzing all possible outcomes.


Since September 21st, I have been Monday morning quarterbacking the situation in Puerto Rico post Hurricane Maria. I have thought of every way I can support, and how I would’ve handled the situation if I were in a leadership role on the island. I cannot help myself. It is who I am.


In October 2012, I was managing a construction project. Before Superstorm Sandy my team and I prepared for all outcomes. We analyzed the building and worst-case scenarios. We prepared, and were ready to respond when the storm hit. Luckily, our building did not incur any damages; however, the community we were in did. The building became a shelter for those without power and water. I jumped right in to help emergency management services, and made sure the building’s power and HVAC remained working.


I have been in leadership roles for the majority of my life. When I am not making decisions, I am analyzing decisions I will eventually make. I analyze my past decisions and decisions others have made. I look at every possible outcome, and  think of scenarios that may or may not happen.  


As a business owner you are a leader. This means you need to think of every possible factor/scenario that can affect your business: cancellations, late deliveries, unpaid invoices, illness (you or your employees), natural disasters, politics, bank holidays, employee issues. You have to have a plan and a contingency (multiple) plan for every scenario. If you have a partner, work out the plans with her/him.  If not, consult those plans with a trusted advisor and/or board of advisors.


Keep abreast of all factors that can affect your business: read/watch the news, constantly communicate with your employees, vendors and channel partners - pay attention to all interactions. You want to stay sharp so when it comes time to make a decision, you can make it confidently.


Being a true leader means taking the brunt of the blame, and seeing the praise as just another day at the office.


Leaders always want to do more.  



As a comprehensive consulting firm focused on business development, SOYD is committed to providing the necessary platforms and deliverables for your business. SOYD has a proven track record of growing businesses, formalizing deliverables, educating business owners on day-to-day management and strategy and created the avenues for true success. 


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