NBC | Never Be Cold

June 8, 2017


In all facets of your business, you must be prepared.  You must put in the leg work to see the benefits.  Nothing comes from happenstance, and all rewards require you to be more prepared than the next person.  What does this mean?


If you are going to a networking event.  Know the players, i.e. the attendees.  Don’t go in handing out your stack of 1000 business cards for 10 dollars.  Instead, be yourself, and get a feel for the room.  Feels awkward?  Get in the habit of attending at first.  Your presence at events alone will garner attention.  What is critical for your own growth is that moment when you are approached by someone and you aren’t COLD.  You know about their business, who they are and what is in their pipeline.  Having a connection and building a rapport with another businessperson is tantamount to your business.  Referrals and word of mouth spread this way.  This is called RECIPROCITY, and small business is all about this concept.  Quid pro quo is part of the game, and it is a way to keep connections, grow and flourish as a community.  




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