Learn To Say No

June 15, 2017


Learn to say no from the outset.  Being eager and too willing to please your end user and channel partners will not provide the desired result.  If you cannot get something done in the time requested, say no.  If you won’t be able to do something at the price offered, counteroffer or say no.  Your eagerness to please and build a brand/reputation will destroy everything if you start being known for not delivering.  If you have an off rapport with a subcontractor/vendor, cut the relationship.  It isn’t personal, it is business.  You must do what works for you, and not for others.  Relationships must make sense, and if the only reason you are working with someone you don’t get along with is for money, your business will not last.  Your happiness is dictated by doing things a certain way, and to compromise yourself from the outset is a one-way street to closing shop.


Do your business the way you see fit.  Have a solid deliverable, believe in your process and work alongside like-minded people.


Trust in yourself, and learn to say NO. 


As a comprehensive consulting firm focused on business development, SOYD is committed to providing the necessary platforms and deliverables for your business. SOYD has a proven track record of growing businesses, formalizing deliverables, educating business owners on day-to-day management and strategy and created the avenues for true success. 


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