Your Deliverable

June 22, 2017

Once you have readily identified the problem, earmarked the target audience and collected your competitor’s relevant metrics, you are ready to properly resolve the problem with your own deliverable.You need to ask yourself the following to proceed:What is your solution to the problem?

  1. Have you tried this solution in a real-world application? 

  2. Is your deliverable unique? 

  3. How does this solution effectuate your community/customer base?

  4. Are there any possibilities for future collaborations? 


Your Solution to the Problem must be your own process.  In everything, there is a fundamental baseline to doing something, yet it is the personal touch that differentiates you from the competition.  Your deliverable must be YOU.  You are your own brand, and subsequently your company’s billboard.  


Your customer base will initially come from friends and family who will allow you to experiment on them.  Work for free, volunteer your deliverable to a community cause, but also note that this period should be where you work out the kinks.  The real world petri dish is the best place for measuring what works and doesn’t work with a certain deliverable.  The costs of sometimes giving it away for free is the metrics gained in the aforementioned.  Not all currency is $$$$ based, and in the beginning, word-of-mouth, networking and brand building are just as critical to your success. 


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