Deserve & Malice Vs. Earn & Purpose

January 11, 2018


Cue the false sense of accomplishment, followed by failure’s truthfully painful effervescence. We are bound by the mysticism of hope, but come to terms with the fact that these are just gaseous, blowhards from another dimension. This is fear.


Chimpanzees and monkeys have entered the Stone Age. The world is a cyclical place. Yet, we believe we are the height of all civilization. We are such funny creatures, making ourselves out to be geniuses. This is fear.


We belittle others that fail, presume success to represent material things and become competent at repetitive acts to promulgate ourselves as “better” or “smarter” than our fellow brothers and sisters. This is fear.


We. We use the word we to act as if we are a collective conscious. A vox populi working together for the advancement and well being of all. This is all bull. We work for ourselves. We look out for ourselves. We are pernicious, unethical and ruthless. But hey, it’s just business. This is fear.


So what is SOYD getting at this week?


You don’t have to be malicious to succeed in your business, but you absolutely have to understand that it is part and parcel to the majority of business practices. Fear drives us, and the fear of losing material things and our status creates monsters.   


We have to believe that it is okay to treat others as if on Survivor. We have to believe that our salaries represent us. We have to believe that we deserve everything. We forget it is called EARNINGS.


Earn everything everyday, and stand for more than just the zeros in your check. Be purposeful in your work, and stay on your daily.



As a comprehensive consulting firm focused on business development, SOYD is committed to providing the necessary platforms and deliverables for your business. SOYD has a proven track record of growing businesses, formalizing deliverables, educating business owners on day-to-day management and strategy and created the avenues for true success. 


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