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January 25, 2018

So there you are, sitting in your first 400 plus level class in college. You are intimidated, but push forward. The first few classes, you feel displaced. Are you supposed to be here?  


Wait until you get to the course material.  


There is a funny thing about information versus intelligence. The former is something any fool can absorb, while the latter is something you have to work at everyday. You’ll see it on the news, someone who has an immense dossier pertaining to a particular subject and regurgitates it ad nauseum. Then, there is the person that listens, absorbs and uses logic models to formulate a response and provide solutions.  


Knowledge is immaterial without intelligent application and consideration.  


By mid-term you are participating more in class, and all those loquacious individuals suddenly seem docile. They have rung up all the stored information in their gullivers, and have not bothered to work any harder by doing the actual course material. In an equal race, most are found wanton. The professor knows your name (when the professor knows your full name it is much more impressive than when he has to refer to the seating chart), and you are actively engaged in an almost exclusive conversation. Most have become spectators. You are getting approached after class by the same people you were intimidated by a few weeks earlier. This is your first taste of politics.


Spend the time learning your craft, working out your routines and applying your collected data into real world scenarios.  


Grow your business by working your business, not by getting in a comfort zone. Treat every client/customer as your last client/customer, and treat everyday as if you were in that first day of class.  


Be humble, work harder than everyone else and stay on your daily.



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