The Business Meeting Broken Down: Dos & Don'ts

February 1, 2018


So what happened? Reading a prospective client’s interest is something that comes with time, but you can also make easy assessments that can curb unnecessary time wasting. Here are a few tips:


  1. NEVER DO ANY PRELIMINARY WORK FOR A PROSPECTIVE CLIENT. Instead, provide samples of previous work.

  2. The best leads are those provided from trusted sources, and you should get in the habit of having a call or email exchange before ever meeting.

  3. NEVER PREPARE A PROPOSAL before a meeting. Just as #1, don’t waste your time working for free.

  4. Respect your time. Everyone gets the courtesy of tardiness once or twice, but if someone already doesn’t respect your time, they are telling you that they won’t ever respect it. In the example above, Client X walks in late, doesn’t acknowledge the tardiness and rushes you.

  5. Don’t put up with the bull! In the above example there are several cues to the kind of business you are engaging with.

    • Office is a mess

    • Food spread is recycled

    • Client X is late and disrespectful

    • Client X takes a call and cuts you off

    • Client X lies

What does the above hint at? First, Client X is a hustler and has all the fronts of a successful business but most likely he doesn’t. He says my partners need to review your proposal, but he is a sole proprietor (you know this because you looked him up on Linkedin). Second, he takes another call because he wants to seem busy, is blowing you off or simply has no business acumen whatsoever. Third, his disrespectful nature cannot be part of your business engagements. Respecting your business and yourself is first and foremost.


Get in the habit of reading situations and making yourself a priority.


Stay on your Daily.



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