That's Not My Job Vs. Accountability

March 8, 2018


That’s Not My Job. Oh. Really?


In the corporate arena, everyone is doing a bit of CYA (Covering Your A%$). It is the nauseating, everyday worker bee parlance, manifested in a variety of forms:


“That isn’t my Job”

“Well, I only do X”

“That isn’t my responsibility”

“I told them to do it, they didn’t listen”

“I cc’ed management”


Subsequently, you are tied up in meeting after meeting discussing culprits; meanwhile, the actual work is not done. This blame assignment process is mundane, meaningless and time consuming. Yet, we have subscribed to it. Wholeheartedly.


Entrepreneurs: Caveat Emptor


There is no place in your business for “that’s not my job.” You aren’t a multinational corporation that can balance costs for recalls and paying out lawsuits. You are a small business that needs to provide best-in-class service, at cost and no questions asked.


Sadly, the typical consumer expects greater outputs from small businesses compared to large corporations.




The answer is simple, availability. Anyone can walk into your storefront and make a complaint.


Consider the following:


Whether it be Taco Bell’s questionable meat selection, the stance taken by Chick-Fil-A, Apple purposefully draining batteries or any other in a number of large corporate scandals, brand loyalty prevails. Walmart’s stance against unions is the employees problem, and we continue to support their business platform because we save a few cents on the dollar.


The above is simply not applicable when it comes to small business. Brand loyalty isn’t widespread in most cases, unless you are talking a business that has been established over a long period of time, and still issues arise. See Katz’s Deli in NYC.


As such, as a small business owner, you have to suck it up and handle whatever issue arises. You can’t point the finger for failure to anyone but yourself.


Be accountable, and stay on your daily.


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