Your Friends & Family Are Not Your Target Audience

January 18, 2018



Friends and family, not the cellular plan, but your actual friends and family will in most cases NEVER want to pay for your service or product.  




Family will expect to receive these services or products for free. No matter the servicing, they will complain. They will actually be your worst critics, nudging your Auntie at the family reunion while both give you the death stare.  



There is an internal antagonist switch within the majority of friends. They want you to succeed, but not as much as they want you to not succeed. As such, and following this backwards logic, they won’t support your business in any meaningful way. Friends will expect free product and service as well.  



Stranger Things happen, but strangers will be the category from which you will grow your business. Identifying your target audience, and directly marketing to them is how you will grow your business.  


The old adage, “I can sell ice to an eskimo,” is one of those dumb cliches created to make salespersons believe that any product can be sold to anyone. This just isn’t true. Knowing your market, your demographic and engaging them via a voice that appeals to them, is how it is done.  


The funny thing is, once you build your brand, friends and family will subsequently support the hell out of you.


Everyone loves a winner.



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